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Can I leave the bin on the street?

You will need to obtain a road occupancy permit, which you can apply for at your local city hall.

What size garbage or waste bin should I order?

This depends on the items you are disposing of. For home renovations or cleaning out storage, we would recommend ordering at least a 14 yard bin. For landscaping and removal of topsoil, dirt, concrete, etc. then we would suggest a 10 yard bin.

What if I am still not sure about which size disposal bin to order?

Give us a call at 905-378-3381. Tell us the type of garbage you have, how much there is, and we will help you select a size. Please keep in mind that disposal bins cannot be overloaded for safety reasons. This will result in fines for both you and our company.

Are there any items I can’t dispose of?

We cannot dispose of cylinders, aerosol cans, tires, paint or any other type of hazardous waste.

What is considered clean fill?

Clean fill consists of material such as concrete, interlock, brick and block, dirt, grass, asphalt, or any combination of these. A clean fill bin cannot contain any other sort of material, or surcharges will apply.

Will my driveway or property be damaged by the disposal bin?

We are careful to place the disposal bins properly, by putting wood underneath the bin before it is dropped. This procedure ensures that your driveway or property is protected.

How do I pay for the service?

We accept Credit cards, E-Transfer or PayPal.

How much advance notice should I provide?

24 Hour notice is often sufficient. A few days in advance is preferable for weekends and holidays.

How do I schedule a pick up time for the bin once I am done with it?

You can call us or text us at 905-378-3381 to let us know when you are done with the bin, and we will send a driver to come pick it up.

Call us at 905-378-3381

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